Hair is part of exoskeleton of human body. Hair is present naturally over the skin. This has been the case since evolution as skin was delicate and hair provided an extra layer of protection from the harsh cold weather and sunlight. The texture of the hair varies from soft to coarse depending on its location on the body. Now a day’s everyone wants to be groomed as it is pleasing to the eyes. Besides it gives a feeling of complete cleanliness. There are several options available to get rid of the body hair. Few of them have to done repeatedly after some weeks as the hair grows back. To save us the time and get a permanent solution to hair removal, techniques have been developed. These techniques help in giving you smoother, hair free skin for a longer period of time.

Hair removal techniques mainly include Laser treatments. To reduce the amount of hair, it is exposed to laser beams of certain quality for a specific period of time. These treatments require certain number of sittings after which results are visible. This procedure works slowly and surely. The hair turns from dark and rough to lighter and softer after the treatment, till it reduces dramatically. Hair removal in Nottingham is very popular. The process is less painful and much shorter as compared to electrolysis.

Even though smooth hairless skin is extremely sought after, the hair on our head, our crowning glory is the most important. Stress takes a toll on our life and its immediate effect is seen on our skin and hair. Split ends and hair fall are the most common hair problems. However, sometimes stress, physiological well being or genetics is responsible for balding in men and women. Loss of hair means a big blow to one’s confidence. There was no cure to partial balding before. Advancement in trichology has lead to the idea of Hair Transplant. Hair Transplant in Nottingham has risen in the past 5 years. In cases where partial balding is observed this treatment can be applied. A graft of hair is transplanted on the scalp and it is allowed to grow. This helps hair anchor and subsequently grow.

Each one of has a few regrets from our past. Some of us have it permanently inked on their body as a tattoo. Tattoos can be erased with Laser Treatment in Nottingham. The tattoo is exposed to high power light which affects the pigment and helps dissolve it. Complete tattoo removal may need more than one sitting depending upon the size and pigments used in the tattoo. There are plenty of skin clinics that will offer laser and hair treatments. Thus a survey and feedback of skin clinics needs to be done before finalising one that suits your requirement. Visit a Skin clinic to groom yourself to your expectations or erase the past with ease. Don’t let your confidence crumble, stride with confidence today!

In 1993, we had our Q-switched tattoo removal laser adapted[1] to emulate parameters used in American hair removal trials and in January 1994, we launched our laser hair removal service. One of the very first in the country. What we quickly discovered was that while the laser was effective as a hair removal device, it was also limited, being very slow and suitable only for the very palest skin.

So, in 1995, we bought the first Alexandrite laser to be sold in the UK but were still limited to pale skin types (Alexandrite lasers depigment darker skin). In 1996, we bought the first laser (Lightsheer Diode) able to treat dark skin types, more recently converting to Nd:YAG lasers for their better response.

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