Making a point is one thing. Backing those points up with corresponding evidence is a whole other.

In writing, a point is never valid unless it can be supported by convincing evidence. After all, everyone can have an opinion, but only good evidence can make the case for anyone being right.

How Good Is Good?

Every field has a different criteria for acceptable levels of evidence. Some require statistics from large sample groups; some can make do with a logical development of points; others might require interpretations of numerous research.

As such, familiarizing yourself with the requirements of your particular field (or subject) is a prerequisite. You should consult a teacher, asking them to point you to particular examples. Chances are, they’ll steer you towards some of you lectures, as well as sections of your textbook.


Being consistent is crucial. Whipping out every argument in the book may work for convincing your dad to increase your allowance, but that’s a strategy that can easily backfire on a university paper.

Instead, bundle arguments that work progressively towards the same goal. Having two or three of them working together to prove a single point is often much better than having a dozen that attack the problem for a variety of purposes. Remember: you’ll have to tie your arguments together towards a unified reasoning. Having too many can dilute the impact each one is able to make.

Besides, convincing someone confused is close to impossible.

Writing is very common at schools and even in college and to please your professors, you need to write quality contents which can make your readers believe and hook up right after as they read your work. But nothing is more interesting than reading a piece of writing with strong arguments and intriguing issues. It can really make your readers curious about the topic especially if they just read the title but what happens if the body of the article seems not so attention-grabbing?

Writers need to be very cautious with what they are writing and they need to know how they will grab their reader’s attention in order to have their appreciation or even reactions about the topic they are writing. It can be pretty hard at first but knowing how to craft as you write the concept of your topic by means of using a better strategy is really significant. Arguments, as to what angle you are trying to view it, are really helpful in producing quality and interesting contents. And no one can easily trust your ideas and believe your arguments if you don’t support it with reliable facts and even convincing evidences. You just have to write these evidences carefully and properly to make it stand out in each of your arguments.

Writing Well

Like the rest of your paper, your arguments and their corresponding discussion should be done with the help of the best writing software available. Even the strongest points can easily get lost when the medium delivering it is not on par.

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