There is nothing like a greeting card to brighten the spirit and remind you of loved ones. Sending a standard, non original card with a joke and a cartoon picture of a cat may give the recipient a clear picture of you. But for those of us looking to make a more genuine impact, it takes more than Hallmark’s sappy sentiments to get the job done.

Personalized greeting cards have become the new standard for big announcements, holidays, birthdays, and other special life events. With the rise of e-mail, texting, and other more instant forms of written communication, the greeting card is often a welcome break from the constant info-overload we all experience daily. But personalizing your message has never gone out of style. And like anything else you put your picture on, you want to make sure your card represents you.

There are a few simple steps that go into creating the perfect personalized greeting card. Following this guide, your greeting card will be sure to send the personal touch that your mailed correspondence has been missing.

The first step is to choose a template. These designed templates will give your card the look and feel you want based on the specific occasion. Choose from a variety of colors, plenty of creative designs, and a ton of different themes. There are literally thousands of templates available on the internet. Greeting card designers have made it easy to find the theme that fits the special time in your life that you want to celebrate or want to tell the world about.

Next, you have to add the perfect picture. You can either get your holiday portrait taken or just upload a file from your digital camera. Make sure the picture is bright, the smiles are wide, the red eye is removed, and that nobody blinked. Then just choose a greeting card company you trust and let them handle the rest. The good greeting card companies have decades of picture-editing experience and can help you eliminate red-eye, erase camera time stamping, add effects and tones, and even clear up blemishes. You will look like a star in no time.

Like any art form, good materials are of paramount importance. So you have to choose a type of paper that exemplifies the occasion. A birth announcement would look great on linen sheets for that soft touch. There is parchment paper for your Bat Mitzvah invitations too. And, holiday cards go great on any type of photo paper.

Now comes the hard part: choosing the perfect message. Usually, something sweet and simple is best. Speaking from the heart, in a voice your relatives and friends have grown to love, will be sure to put a smile on any recipients face. Tell them what this event means to you and how happy you are to share it with them. Try to limit yourself to a few choice lines as your fantastic design will say the rest.

Follow these simple personalized greeting card steps and you will give your friends and family a greeting they will never forget!

Be sure to check out Picture Me Perfect for your next Personalized Greeting Card purchase. We are a family owned and operated custom card company, with the emphasis on custom! We pride ourselves on creating unique one-of-a-kind invitations and announcements that you are sure to love.
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