I would like to write about a collection of software that mark a new trend in software for mathematics and engineering.They can do what a complex mathematics platform can do in a user friendly calculator like interface.

First, i would like to speak about Matrices calculator version 2.0.It is for matrices with real and complex numbers.It can do many operation such as find determinants, inverse, solve a system of semultaneous equations ,LU factorization, find real eigenvalues , and many more operations.What is new in this software and what makes it stand as a new trend is that the user can write his own programs that manipulate matrices on this platform. Well writting programs in itself is n't new.The surprise is that you don't write code you simply choose options and the program generates the code for you.Then you have your program and you can use it on again and again with new sets of data.In addition, you can save , edite , and print your work.

Second is Algebra calculator version 2.0. It is very powerfull and can do many operations. All operations are done algebrically.Both the inputs and outputs are in algebriac format.You can do many operations like multiply, divide, find roots and factorize.You can write your very own programs that manipulate functions and guess what you don't have to write the code yourself. You just choose options and it generates the code for you.Again like Matrices calculator you can save, edit , and print your work.

Third is Mathwizard though it is a bit different in style than the first two yet it completes the set for all engineering and mathematics needs. It is a collection of mathematics calculators in one. It has a matrices calculator for both real and complex numbers, an algebra calculator, a calculus calculator , and finally a scientific calculator and guess what you can enter the expressions just as you are used to in school and university and it supports brackets, nested brackets and trignometric, exponential , and logarithmic functions.

These three programs stand as new advancement in the engineering software industry.They give tremendous calculations power in a very easy calculator like form that saves much time in programming efforts.

If you look at the needs of the engineer regardless of his specialization whether a civil engineer, mechanical engineer , electronics and telecommunications engineer he needs a program that does the calculation he desires. He needs to create user taylored new commands that fit into his own design library.He encounters design problems often and he need to automate the design calculations by creating his own user taylored commands. Finally, the engineer needs a bit of administration and book keeping like save , edit and print. Formost to all that he should be able to learn how to do that and be able to do that very fast and efficiently.

The new generation software answer these needs and more in a very unique way. They posses tremendous calculation power. Can be programmed with out needing to waste time writing code and they can do book keeping and printing.Moreover, they look lika calculators and are used as calculators.

Mathwizard Matrices calculator Algebra calculator
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